Saturday, June 25, 2011

WORD OF THE DAY - Saturday 25 June 2011 from Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. (Acts 2:41 NIV)

Итак охотно принявшие слово его крестились, и присоединилось в тот день душ около трех тысяч. (Деяния 2:41 Russian)
Отож ті, хто прийняв його слово, охристилися. І пристало до них того дня душ тисяч зо три! (Деяния 2:41 Ukrainian)

Así que, los que recibieron su palabra, fueron bautizados: y fueron añadidas á ellos aquel día como tres mil personas. (Hechos 2:41 Spanish)
Dear Heavenly Father ~ Thank you for the joy of salvation on this new day! Give all preachers, teachers, elders, deacons, and all Christians a renewed respect for the teaching of Jesus Christ regarding immersion in water coupled with faith and repentance, as part of your plan of salvation. Help all believers to walk faithfully in the new life made possible by Christ dying on the cross for our sins. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
Welcome Natalya Mishchenko as our new sister in Christ! Yesterday at about 12.00 noon, we walked down the hill to the river in the area of the yacht club where people go swimming at this time of year. As we walked along, we discussed details of her baptism and what it means to be a Christian. Natasha is very committed to being a faithful member of God's family here in Nikolaev. She already shows her good character by the way she is constantly serving others. Charles Chandley has been teaching Natasha each day since they arrived. This teaching will continue through the end of next week. Dick Ady joined us in the walk and also gave her many words of wisdom from his experiences as a preacher and elder. 

As we came up from the waters of baptism in the Southern Bug River that empties into the nearby Black Sea, Natasha was filled with joy.
Following Natasha's baptism, her 86 year young teacher Charles Chandler and the rest of us sang O Happy Day in Russian as we witnessed another person's obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for being faithful in prayer and we ask that you join us in encouraging the new sister.