Monday, February 4, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY - Monday 04 February 2013 from Nikolaev, Ukraine

For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord.
So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's. (Romans 14:8 ESV)

а живем ли--для Господа живем; умираем ли--для Господа умираем: и потому, живем ли или умираем, --всегдаГосподни. (К Римлянам 14:8 Russian)

Бо коли живемо для Господа живемо, і коли вмираємо для Господа вмираємо. І чи живемо, чи вмираємо ми Господні! (Римляни 14:8 Ukrainian)

如果我活着主活着如果我死去也是主而死。不是死,都属于主 (   14:8 Chinese ERV-ZH)

Dear loving God, our merciful Father in heaven ~ we want to thank you on this new day, for all the spectacular evidence contained in every corner of the universe, that distinctively points to your creative genius and power. As followers of Jesus Christ, grant us more wisdom, so that we will have the ability to discern that we belong to Christ our master who leads us by his perfect Spirit inspired word. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen. 

In an attempt to make the best possible use of the extremely rare and valuable commodity of time, I put the following information with each photo that I placed on Facebook. The following will serve as my report of the day. 

*Nothing seems to keep the hawkers from showing and selling their wares each Sunday in front of where the church meets. At least they regularly see our large sign.

*Our three boys actually arrived early yesterday and brought a guest.

*Six year old Snezhanna has been begging her older brother Vitaly to let her come to the Sunday morning Bible class. She was very happy to be part of the group and did her best to keep up with the boys. She shed big tears after the worship and fellowship period that she had to leave. “I don't want to leave church, can I stay just chyut-chyut" - a little bit. Galina later spoke to her Mama who said Snezhanna was very excited when she got home.

*The boys told Snezhanna how to take their picture after the class. Vitalik, Zhenya, Dima

*Singing is always the way to end the class. Their favorite, Jesus Loves Me - Russian or English

*Our sister Elena greeted Galina when she arrived.

*You notice three new faces among the group. Robin, Tin and A jie are students from China who study at the local Shipbuilding University. Our friend Olga who studied in our WEI campaign in 2011 suggested to Robin that he study with us. He brought two friends.

*We first helped the students become acquainted with the WEI course and registered them as on-line students so they can study with us while we are in the USA for 90 days.

*We tried to apologize to Stepan for ignoring him with the  new students, but he said that is very important to teach them. He has such a wonderful attitude all the time even when he feels worn out.

*DB is demonstrating the meaning of repentance as change of direction as well as regretting sin.

*These wonderful new friends paid rapt attention as I shared the gospel.

*Galina gave our new young friends written instructions on how to get back to their dormitory by bus. Later in the evening, we heard from Robin and Tin. We realized as we thought about them, that they are the same age as our grandson Drew who studies in the second year at Oklahoma Christian University. These young folks from China have not been home since they arrived in the fall of 2011. They will be allowed to visit home this summer and will return for another two years in the fall. We will have them a little while – God willing, when we return her in May. They jokingly said that since their English is so bad, that they will need more than two years with us. Actually, their written English is good, and they mostly need help with hearing and speaking. Don’t we all!

*At the end of another long and productive Sunday, we were very pleased that we could walk home on sidewalks almost free of snow and ice. The side of the street in the shade was not so nice.

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