Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY - Wednesday 21 March 2012

5th yr English students Mykolaiv State Pedagogical Universtiy
You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone. (James 2:24)

Видите ли, что человек оправдывается делами, а не верою только? (Иакова 2:24 Russian)

Отож, чи ви бачите, що людина виправдується від діл, а не тільки від віри? (Яков 2:24 Ukrainian)

Oleh - Advanced WEI student
Dear God, our Merciful Father in Heaven ~ we thank you on this new day that sparkles with fresh proof of your real presence in our lives. Help all believers and those outside of Christ to realize that we are all accountable for how we obey Christ as Lord. Give us wisdom to comprehend that a mere profession of faith is not the same as becoming an obedient follower of the Way. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen. 
New WEI student - Olga
Olamide - Graduate of WEI Advanced course now studying scriptures

Friday, March 16, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY- Friday 16 March 2012 from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Working together with him, then, we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain. (2 Corinthians 6:1 ESV)

Мы же, как споспешники, умоляем вас, чтобы благодать Божия не тщетно была принята вами.  (2-е Коринфянам 6:1 Russian)

Ми працюємо разом з Богом. Тож благаємо вас усіх: не змарнуйте благодаті Божої, яку ви одержали. (2 Коринтяни 6:1 Ukrainian ERV)

Dear God, our Most Holy Father in Heaven ~ Thank you for this new day that arrives with clear hopes for a bright tomorrow. Give us greater understanding of your word as we continue to be submissive to the rule of Christ. Help us to live righteously as the recipients of your amazing grace that brings us reconciliation. In the blessed name of Jesus we pray, Amen. 
Yesterday, we spent valuable time at the University with our 5th year English students. Lesya is the contact person who makes these appointments on behalf of Tetyana who is the Chair of the English department. Due to the nationwide impact of the Euro 2012 Football extravaganza that will be held in Donetsk, universities will be ending their year practically a month early. They are scrambling to finish up their studies in preparation for final exams next month.  Lesya explained that we only have a couple more weeks with our students. When we finished up at the university, on the way down from the 5th floor we met Nastya in the stairwell. She was delighted to see us and walked with us back to the church meeting place since she had an appointment for her WEI study at 2.00. Vladimir, the director of the Boys Home came to meet with us and showed us the paperwork regarding their desperate situation with their electricity bill. Even though we have no such money in our budget, we agreed to help them pay the bill so that he could go and pay before they cut off power to the school. They have been cutting back tremendously on their usage by not using the shop’s power tools, rarely using overhead lights, and reducing heat and cooking time. The shop teacher has still been teaching the boys to do many useful things with their hand tools. The problem stems from the budgetary cuts made by the powers that be in the federal education department in Kiev. The amount of funding they receive was reduced almost 6 times the previous amount which was barely sustainable. This school does not come under the local administration and depends upon federal support. Later we had a very productive study with Nastya and when she was finished, it was time for our appointment with Tanya. Tanya has almost completed all lessons in the WEI Intermediate Course. Her sister Anya as scheduled to come at 5.30, but since she could not come we continued working with Tanya. We are always amazed at the many exciting opportunities and challenges that God brings our way each day.