Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday 29 August from Mykolayiv, Ukraine

From her vantage point next to the window, Galina got this picture of one of the new "jeeps" made by the Russian company GAZ which is very well known in this part of the world for their quality trucks and other heavy equipment as well as many models of military vehicles. Now this vehicle is competing here for the SUV market. Thank you for your prayers as we launch a new week of service to our Lord Jesus Christ here in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.

Our bus drivers already greet us as their beloved clients! We have gotten used to them, the old bus and the towns we pass through along the route from Slavyansk to Donetsk and from Donetsk to Nikolaev. Ukraine is dry and once we thought we saw some lightning in the distance. When we arrived here to Nikolaev this morning about a quarter past eight, we noticed that the streets were a little damp. The taxi driver who helped us with our luggage also greeted us as dear friends and we didn't even have to tell him our address. We are so happy to be home in Nikolaev and have already enjoyed a real shower and other necessary conveniences not always available in village life. We don't have much time to prepare for worship, but God brought us safely through the night and we are thrilled to have another opportunity to meet with the church here. We have all heard about preachers putting the audience to sleep, but today may be a case of the preacher falling asleep after that all night bus ride. Hopefully there will be an opportunity this afternoon for a Sunday nap.

This is one of the more modern buses that serve many cities in Ukraine and other European destinations. These come complete with air-conditioning and modern seats. Our bus is the old red mare in the background waiting on its turn to pull up to the platform in Donetsk yesterday evening.

And Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians; and he was mighty in his words and works. (Acts 7:22)

И научен был Моисей всей мудрости Египетской, и был силен в словах и делах. (Деяния 7:22 Russian)

І Мойсей був навчений всієї премудрости єгипетської, і був міцний у словах та в ділах своїх. (Деяния 7:22 Ukrainian)

Así Moisés fue instruido en toda la sabiduría de los egipcios, y era poderoso en palabra y en obra. (Hechos 7:22 NVI)

Our Beloved Heavenly Father ~ Thank you for the precious gift of life on this new Lord’s Day as we prepare to assemble with others of common faith. Give us more leaders like the man Moses who was busy learning your will, teaching others and doing his best to live up to his teaching. Help us to teach our children the great wisdom that we receive from your Holy Spirit inspired Word. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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